Cole Kepro International, LLC is an industry leader and global supplier of designed and manufactured turnkey gaming cabinets and other fabricated metal products ranging from the medical to communications industries. Cole Kepro International, LLC is a partnership of Cole Industries, Inc. and Kepro International Co. Ltd of Taiwan. Cole Industries was established in 1993, Kepro International Co. Ltd was founded in 1986. As a working team Cole Kepro International, LLC offers quality products to its customers with competitive pricing needed in today's markets. Our products feature our fasttrack wiring that allows you the customer to adopt a very flexible and varied CPU platform base, while maintain a very staple cabinet platform. Our Evolver cabinet line offers the ability of quickly changing the look of your gaming cabinet while maintaining the same internal wiring and components. Together the fasttrack wiring and Evolver cabinet line will get you to market quickly and allow you to keep up with the ever changing casino floor. Contact for more information regarding the Cole Kepro Products, our visit our website Thank you

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